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het postermuseum in emmerich – duitsland
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The PAN kunstforum niederrhein e. V. in Emmerich - Germany!

Data protection

Protection of your personal dat is very important to us. Please read the following information about the guidelines we use in order to safeguard your data.

1. General

It is important for us that, by visiting these webpages, the collection, processing and use of your personal data are automatically protected. Your data are protected as required by law.

In compliance with the legal guidelines concerning the protection of personal data, in particular those of the Telemediengesetz (TMG), the proprietor of the website is obliged to use personal data of any user of the following webpages:

exclusively for statistical, internal purposes, or insofar as necessary for the correct functioning of these webpages.

Personal data (name, address, email-address, etc.) in order to register, make a request, write a review or to purchase an article as offered on our website, are provided voluntarily. They will be used exclusively to complete an order of purchase or to provide information. These data are stored electronically.

2. Collection and processing of statistical data

Visiting these webpages generates data that will be recorded for statistical purposes or the correct functionality of these webpages. Recorded data comprise the following:

  1. the name of the visited page,
  2. date and time of the visit,
  3. amount of transferred data,
  4. reports on successful visits,
  5. webbrowser used
  6. visiting domain.
  7. IP-address of visiting computer

Other data are collected only when they are provided voluntarily, e.g., in connection with a request, evaluation or registration.

3. Use and transfer of personal data

Personal data are exclusively provided in connection with requests, the settlement of contracts with the user and for technical administrative purposes.

No data will be transferred to third parties unless permission has been granted or insofar as necessitated for the fulfillment of financial transactions. Agreement to transfer of personal data may at all time be cancelled.

Data will be deleted if the agreement to record data is cancelled, or if the data are no longer necessary for the fulfillment of their initial purpose, or if their storage is not allowed by other legal requirements.

4. Right of disclosure

The user is entitled to be informed as to which data concerning him or her are stored. In addition, the user is entitled to change, block access to or delete his or her personal data insofar as these are no longer necessary for contractual fulfillment or if there exists a legal requirement for their storage.

Written requests concerning your personal will naturally be answered as soon as possible and at no cost. Please send your request for information about your personal data, as well as any request to change, correct or delete data, – partially or entirely, to the follwong address:

We will comply with you request immediately, as far as no legal requirements preclude it to be fulfilled.

5. Security information

Personal data will be inaccessible for third parties, taking into account anyorganisatorial and technical limitations. Communication by e-mail or other electronic means can never entirely safeguard data from interference. If confidential information is involved, we recommend contacing us by mail.

6. Google-Maps

This website makes use of the online map service Google Maps, of Google Inc. By using this website you agree to the collection, processing and use of automatically generated data by Google Inc., its licensors and users. The Terms of Service of Google Maps can be found under the Disclaimer of Google Maps.

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